Come and taste our delicacies

From us, to you.

Jolà is for those who love to get excited. Gastronomic creativity combined with the desire to propose a new experience give life to an innovative tale of a cuisine in progress, which we are sure will not leave you indifferent.


Beyond Fusion

Jolà’s is a cuisine that creates, experiments and surprises. It follows seasonality, supports sustainability and supports local producers. It loves to respect traditions, enjoys bold flavours and remembers the international experiences of the entire team. An honest cuisine in the constant search for rare ingredients to give life to a new lexicon of sensations.


Outside & Inside

We are green, inside and outside. The focus on sustainability is also respected in the kitchen as everything is processed trying to maximise the use of each ingredient to achieve zero waste. Thus, from the cooking of a cauliflower comes an excellent broth for a risotto or a ravioli dish, while the reduced sauce of a roast is transformed into a tasty sauce for pasta. We also always prefer low-temperature, vacuum-packed cookings so as to preserve intact the authenticity of the product.


Cosmopolitan & Smart

 Cosmopolitan, smart and green.
Jolà, in the context of J44, is an ambitious project realised by milan architect Massimo Magaldi. The restaurant is developed inside, immersed in living vertical gardens where everything dialogues in perfect harmony. An open space with double-height ceilings, well-organised, distinguished by large windows and customised furnishings in which special wood and marble finishes stand out. Everything at Jolà is unique, designed ad hoc to create a sophisticated atmosphere inspired by Made in Italy and sustainability.


Different people, same goal.

Different people, same goal.
What makes the Jolà proposal interesting are the people who work there. Each of them has a story to tell, and they do it through their dishes. Every skill, every awareness, every previous international experience is transmitted in the dishes. A team led by the passion for cooking, to share an experience with you.



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